The uniqueness of our territory, Tirso Valley, with its particular characteristics, is able to generate winegrowing excellence like our Sardinian (Italy) Vernaccia Wine Vinegar, aged for more than three thousand days in outdoor chestnut barrels.

Bennaxi Wine Vinegar Farm is located in Simaxis, a small village in the province Oristano, in the heart of Sardinia – Italy.

Bennaxi's lands are cultivated with care and experience since 1975. The family-run business has been producing an excellent Vernaccia for years, thanks to experience, time, ideal climate and geographic conditions, an excellent high quality vinegar: Bennaxi, the real Sardinian Wine Vinegar.

Bennaxi's vernaccia production is strictly limited, revealing how precious and exclusive the product is.

Sardinian (Italy) Vernaccia Wine Vinegar “Bennaxi” is available in 100ml bottles, provided with a convenient sprayer which allows your dish to be enriched with ease and no waste. Precious and exclusive, a refined essence.

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The uniqueness of our Territory

Tirso Valley, with its particular characteristics, is able to produce wine-making excellence such as our Sardinian (Italy) Vernaccia Wine Vinegar.

Rich Flavors

Along the aging process, vinegar develops great complexity of taste, obtaining an atypical and particularly renowned quality.

A niche product

"Bennaxi" Vernaccia Wine Vinegar is intended for a close array of assayers, meant to enrich different kinds of food with its exclusive essence.

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The word “Vernaccia” is used to indicate several vines and wines, located in different regions far away from each other; the word itself does not refer to any particular biological features. Vernacula was the term used by the Romans to describe the local indigenous vines that they found in Sardinia upon their arrival in the island.

Vernaccia is a white, dry, desserted wine, with distinctive features that characterize it as one of the most renowned in its category. Thanks to the particular biological process behind its production and its organoleptic characteristics, Vernaccia is certainly unique in its kind.

Vernaccia is with good reason considered the gold of the Tirso Valley.

A noble wine like very few others in Sardinia (Italy), Vernaccia has to be recognized as a true wealth, part of an undisputed cultural heritage.

Vernaccia was the first wine in Sardinia – Italy to be fully credited with the quality assurance label “DOC” (Denomination of Controlled Origin) title in 1971.

Vernaccia wine


The Lands

The lands hosting the cultivation of Vernaccia can be of two kinds. The alluvial ones closest to Tirso's river are called Bennaxi and are deep, fresh, sandy-lime type, with good natural fertility. Those of the earliest origin are called Gregori and are instead slightly stony clay mixed.

Tirso River

Tirso River flows into the plain toward the Mediterranean, leaving behind a large quantity of debris that have shaped and built the plan of Campidano.

Unique features

This cultivation environment allows grapes to mature slowly, this imparts to the wine its particular organoleptic characteristics.

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In order to reveal the most of its organoleptic qualities, Vernaccia must age at least 3 or 4 years. From the second year until the end of aging, this process will be one of the primary reasons tied to the unique flavor that characterizes Vernaccia.

Praise of the Slowness

Aging in chestnut barrels leads to a slow enrichment in Vernaccia's alcohol, due to water evaporation phenomena through the wood pores. The final product is a dry white wine, an intense golden yellow with amber reflections.
Even the cellar, where the Vernaccia is fermented, needs to show particular characteristics: in ancient times it was often a space built with raw brick walls, a roof covered in rocks and sardinian tiles, and a packed ground surface.

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