Bennaxi Wine Vinegar Farm is located in Simaxis, a small village in the province Oristano, in the heart of Sardinia – Italy.


Bennaxi's lands are cultivated with care and experience since 1975. The family-run business has been producing an excellent Vernaccia for years, thanks to experience, time, ideal climate and geographic conditions, an excellent high quality vinegar: Bennaxi, the real Sardinian (Italy) Wine Vinegar.
The company handles all production procedures; This requires specific expert advice, along the natural and spontaneous process.
Limited and targeted production allows the company to personally follow all production steps getting high quality and genuine product. Bennaxi Vernaccia Wine Vinegar production is strictly limited, in witness to how precious and exclusive the product is.
Bennaxi deals with the production of Stravecchio Vernaccia Wine Vinegar.
The company, with its highly qualified staff, has been operating in the area for years, offering a precious and sophisticated product, unique in its kind and capable of enriching and exalting traditional dishes with its refined taste.

Bennaxi Wine Vinegar

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